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        2. Client Management

          Your time is valuable, and not spending it the way you wish has costs. Fortunately, there’s a way to free up more of your time, using an integrated and customizable technology platform developed for advisors to make sure it meets your needs with optimum usability.

          managing your clients

          Managing Your Clients

          Client Center

          Client Center is a central location for information about your clients and their accounts. It’s integrated with multiple systems to help you keep clients’ information up to date, create and monitor their plan for retirement, and manage their portfolio.

          Client Center


          Client Relationship Manager (CRM)

          Client Relationship Manager enables you and your staff to proactively interact with clients and prospects in an effective manner while maintaining readily accessible records of all communications. CRM will provide you with a complete view of your clients and can help you set up an automated process for client contact points.

          Client Reporting

          Our Client Reporting tool helps you bring together client data to create attractive, easy-to-read, customized reports for a more personalized and comprehensive client review experience. The application is also integrated with Client Center to meet your on-demand reporting needs.

          Planning with Clients

          Goal Planning & Monitoring (GPM)

          The Goal Planning & Monitoring application enables you to identify and enter client goals to assess appropriate asset allocation targets, spending or savings rates, and the probability of achieving those goals. It’s integrated with both Client Center and Client Access.


          Portfolio Management Center

          Our Portfolio Management Center enables you to create a scalable and repeatable portfolio management process with advisor-driven model portfolios.

          Ready to learn more?

          Now that you have scratched the surface of the possibilities that await you here, get the whole story. Have a confidential conversation with our consultants about what your business would look like as an advisor at Raymond James.