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        2. Calendar of Events

          Current Fiscal Year Events

          12/18/2019 – Raymond James Financial expects to report November 2019 operating data

          11/20/2019 – Raymond James Financial expects to report October 2019 operating data

          10/23/2019 – Raymond James Financial expects to report 4th quarter and fiscal 2019 results

          09/25/2019 – Raymond James Financial expects to report August 2019 operating data

          08/21/2019 – Raymond James Financial expects to report July 2019 operating data

          07/25/2019 – Raymond James quarterly analyst conference call

          07/24/2019Raymond James Financial reports 3rd quarter, fiscal 2019 results

          06/21/2019 – Raymond James Analyst & Investor Day: Slideshow | Webcast

          06/19/2019Raymond James Financial reports May 2019 operating data

          05/22/2019Raymond James Financial reports April 2019 operating data

          04/24/2019Raymond James Financial reports 2nd quarter, fiscal 2019 results

          03/20/2019Raymond James Financial reports February 2019 operating data

          03/03/2019 – Raymond James 40th Annual Institutional Investors Conference: Slideshow | Webcast

          02/28/2019 – Annual Shareholders' Meeting: Slideshow | Audio

          02/20/2019 – Raymond James Financial reports January 2019 operating data

          02/12/2019 – Credit Suisse Financial Services Forum

          01/23/2019Raymond James Financial reports first quarter fiscal year 2019 results

          12/19/2018Raymond James Financial reports November 2018 operating data

          11/20/2018Raymond James Financial reports October 2018 operating data


          Past Events

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