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        2. Analysts Covering RJF

          Autonomous Research
          Christian Bolu
          1325 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 2303
          New York, NY 10019

          The Buckingham Research Group
          James Mitchell
          750 Third Avenue
          New York, NY 10017

          Citi Research
          Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
          William R. Katz
          388 Greenwich Street, 28th Floor
          New York, NY 10013

          Compass Point
          Compass Point Research & Trading, LLC
          Chris Allen
          144 E 44th Street, 7th Floor
          New York, New York 10017

          Credit Suisse
          Craig W. Siegenthaler, CFA
          11 Madison Avenue, 4th Floor
          New York, NY 10014

          Goldman Sachs & Co.
          Alexander Blostein, CFA
          200 West Street, 22nd Floor
          New York, NY 10282

          JMP Securities
          Devin Ryan
          450 Park Avenue, Suite 1500
          New York, NY 10022

          Wells Fargo Securities, LLC
          Christopher Harris
          7 St Paul Street, 1st Floor
          Baltimore, MD 21202

          Wolfe Research
          Steven Chubak
          420 Lexington Ave; Suite 648
          New York, NY 10170


          Raymond James is not affiliated with the above organizations.

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